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LIVRE Cogitata Physico Mathematica. In quibus tam naturae quàm artis effectus admirandi certissimis demonstrationibus explicantur. MERSENNE, Marin.

Cogitata Physico Mathematica. In quibus tam naturae quàm artis effectus admirandi certissimis demonstrationibus explicantur.



Description :

Numerous woodcuts in the text. Five parts in one vol. Large thick 4to, cont. blind-stamped vellum, arabesque device in center of each cover. Paris: A. Bertier, 1644. [bound with]: --. Universae Geometriae, Mixtaeque Mathematicae Synopsis: et Bini Refractionum Demonstratarum Tractatus. 16 p.l., 589 pp. Large 4to. Paris: A. Bertier, 1644.First editions and very rare in such fine condition. These two works are important compendia of texts by Mersenne, including several of his most important works on mathematics, optics, physics, and music. The Universae Geometriae is considered to be a supplement to the Cogitata and they are oftentimes found bound together. "This collection comprises De Mensuris, Ponderibus & Nummis Hebraicis, Graecis & Romanis ad Gallica redactis, Hydraulica Pneumatica; arsque navigandi. Harmonia Theorica, Practica, et Mechanica phaenomena; F. Marini Mersenni Minimi Tractatus Mechanicus Theoricus et Practicus; his.Ballistica, et Acontismologia and Universae Geometriae, Mixtaeqve Mathematicae Synopsis, et Bini Refractionvm. "Mersenne's parallel discussions of light and vision run throughout the Cogita and the Universae geometriae. His close English connections are revealed by the inclusion in the optical section of Universae Geometriae of unpublished work by Walter Warner and a version of Hobbes' treatise on optics."Roberts & Trent, Bibliotheca Mechanica, p. 223. The preface to the Cogitata contains the first appearance of his famous statement about perfect numbers, known as "Mersenne's Numbers." The search for Mersenne numbers -- prime numbers -- that occur in decreasing frequency the higher they are is still ongoing, with huge computations utilizing the full capacity of the most advanced computers. Prime numbers, once regarded as numerological oddities, are now of crucial importance for encrypted electronic communication. See Ball, A Short Account of the History of Mathematics, pp. 306-07. "An exceedingly interesting collection.Mersenne was in constant correspondence with all the most celebrated men of his time, namely Galileo, Torricelli, Pascal, Descartes, Fermat, Roberval, &c. and in this collection has published, besides his own writings, most important works and letters of his eminent friends not to be found elsewhere, and including, not only their discoveries, but also their scientific quarrels.these volumes [are] highly important for the history of science."Libri sale catalogue, 1861. The Cogitata is illustrated with numerous woodcuts showing musical instruments, music, and geometrical diagrams. Fine copies, handsomely bound. With the armorial bookplate of John Stuart, third Earl of Bute (1713-92). Bute formed a magnificent scientific library (see D.N.B.). Book label of Harrison D. Horblit. Ex libris Bibliotheca Mechanica. Very occasionally another much slighter work by Mersenne -- his Novarum Observtionum Physico-Mathematicarum (1647) -- is bound-in following the Universae Geometriae. It is not present here. Mottelay, p. 122. N° de réf. du libraire JHABES315

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Titre : Cogitata Physico Mathematica. In quibus tam ...

Reliure : Hard cover

Edition : 1st Edition

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