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20 October 2010—Today we have made an additional feature available to improve the display of mathematics in dissertation titles. We now support standard LaTeX code to be displayed using the MathJax package. Please enclose any LaTeX code in submissions between dollar signs ($) to ensure the smoothest implementation of this. To see an example of a thesis title rendered using MathJax, see the page for James Angelos.

20 October 2010—We recently experienced difficulties with our server that may have resulted in data submissions made between 9 October 2010 and 18 October 2010 not having been received. If you submitted new data or data updates in that period, we encourage you to resubmit them to ensure they are published in a timely manner.

Announcements are archived on the news page.

Source : http://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/

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