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Euler's Identity

https://themobilestudio.leadpages.co/... Filming is currently underway on a special online course which will include videos (such as this one), animations and work-throughs to illustrate, in a visual way, how the Fourier Transform works, what all the maths is about and how it is applied in the real world. In order to describe the Fourier Transform, we need a language. That language is the language of complex numbers. Complex numbers is a baffling subject but one that it is necessary to master if we are to properly understand how the Fourier Transform works. Therefore I have decided to devote a module of the course to the subject of complex numbers, what the imaginary number “i” is and why it is so useful to us when dealing with the Fourier Transform. This video is the introduction to that module. If you would like to reserve your free module in the course then click on the link below and follow the on screen instructions: https://themobilestudio.leadpages.co/...

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