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Ephemera] Box containing 94 unusual illustrated arithmetic cards

Description :

A most unusual collection of 94 arithmetic cards, the overwhelming majority of which also feature a charming vignette, two or three of a piece of turn-of-the-century material culture, garment or young woman. The cards were created as math drills or exercises by the publisher, Thomas Laurie of Edinburgh, which specialized in educational material and textbooks, and as with most ephemera, the sweet imagery and charm of the material probably did not excite its initial users in the least, who would have regarded these cards as entirely an utilitarian learning tool. Their indifference, of course, doomed most of the sets of these cards to the dustbin and thus what we have now is surely very scarce. While it is likely there were a few additional cards, based on the size of the box the cards came in, this set is close to full, and one will not have a sense of incompleteness with these cards, which are plentiful. The cards today should be valued for their decorativeness, for being a relic and survivor from an earlier educational era, and for their rareness. The cube-shaped box housing them is itself substantial and an object of beauty and interest. The box is close to 12 inches on each side, and the top lid is now hinged, although it was originally not so. (The hinges are themselves obviously old.) To open the box one pulls out a narrow pinned board, and this too should delight. As to dating, there is no date given, but based on the illustrations, circa 1910. The labels on the inside lid would suggest an earlier date, but these labels may predate the set of cards housed in the box. The cards themselves are generally 6.5 by 4.5 inches, or 16 by 12 cm, and each has the text and illustration, both on a slab of what looks almost like paper mache, mounted onto wood board. The "paper mache", or whatever the material is, has some light soiling here and there, heavier on a few cards, with most being lightly touched. N° de réf. du libraire 002190

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Titre : Ephemera] Box containing 94 unusual ...

Éditeur : Thomas Laurie, Edinburgh

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